Because we value your every opinion, our pursuit of delivering to you fair dealing outcomes can’t possibly be complete without your voice. Share with us your thoughts and help us know how we are faring and how we may do better. We spare no effort in ensuring that you, our client, are treated fairly and we thank you for your time answering the following short questions.

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Outcome 1: Customers have confidence that they deal with financial institutions where fair dealing is central to the corporate culture.
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IPP Financial Advisory (IPPFA) provided pleasant and courteous service. 

Your FAR assisted you in your financial planning with competency. 

You are confident that IPPFA ensures that your FAR has the relevant knowledge to make appropriate plans for your finances.  

You have a peace of mind that the policy/ investment recommended by your FAR is fully catered for your benefit. 
Outcome 2: Financial institutions offer products and services that are suitable for their target customer segments.
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You do not feel restricted by limited options of suitable products/services that your FAR can make available to you. 
Outcome 3: Financial institutions have competent representatives who provide customers with quality advice and appropriate recommendations.
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Your FAR took the time to understand your circumstances and financial needs before providing you with his/her recommendation accurately. 

Your FAR took into consideration your risk tolerance level in his financial planning for you. 

You were provided with clear and easy-to-understand information about the insurance/investment product offered. 
Outcome 4: Customers receive clear, relevant and timely information to make informed financial decisions.
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IPPFA dealt with your insurance/investment matters quickly, professionally and within the agreed timescale. 


Your FAR contacted you on a regular basis to update you about the progress of your insurance/investment and to review your changing needs. 

Your FAR is always easily contactable. 
Outcome 5: Financial institutions handle customer complaints in an independent, effective and prompt manner.
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When you had a query/ complaint, IPPFA attended to it and resolved it in a professional and efficient manner. 
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